Good-bye Xpanded Reports, you will be missed...



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Advanced Analytics for QuickBooks

Murph, first - the disclaimer - I'm the CEO at BizTools but will try to keep the sales pitch to a minimum other than to say our solutions offer true multi-dimensional OLAP technologies that enable non-technical business users to quickly & easily conduct complex financial and sales analytics.
Readers may be interested to checkout Charlie Russell's review at the Sleeter Group site (BizTools won their Awesome Application Award for 2014 in the business analytics category) here -
We're also exhibiting as a Gold sponsor at Scaling New Heights this year - so drop by the booth and introduce yourselves.

John Power more than 2 years ago

Thanks for the feedback

Thanks for the comment (and transparency). We try to make Intuitive Accountant a place where ProAdvisors can find information they may not find in other places. And we fully believe the vendor community is part of the solution to many of the problems ProAdvisors (and their clients face. Keep reading and commenting. - Gary

garyd ( more than 2 years ago

Dodged a bullet....

I had finally made the decision to purchase XpandedReports today. Now I'm glad I hadn't gotten around to getting it before now. I'm surprised they didn't sell it to someone?

Lori more than 2 years ago

Vendor reliability

Murph -- Good point about no control with a cloud based product. It is important to evaluate the vendor -- their size, financial strength, history, etc. before deciding to rely upon them. Will they be here in the future? Unfortunately Xpanded Reports didn't survive and now a lot of accounting professionals and small businesses will have to deal with it.

Michelle Long, CPA more than 2 years ago

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