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Comments on invoices

I would love to be able to save the "comments" with my invoice and email it to the client.

Maria Chovaz more than 1 year ago

Statement Writer

Please upgrade the statement writer to be compatible with Excel 2013!!!

Maria Chovaz more than 1 year ago


I need the ability to write notes to my sales associates on some items. If someone rents table skirts, I'd like a pop-up note reminding staff to also give the clips (they are kept in a drawer) to the customer If someone puts an item on layaway, I'd like a pop-up reminding staff they MUST get 2 contact phone numbers (many times phones get disconnected and we cannot reach the customer). I can think of many other reasons I'd like a pop-up. When selling a wedding gown, I'd love a pop-up reminder to my staff that they should be offering some shoes to the buyer or to let them know about our tux rentals. This pop-up needs to be on a per-item basis, but optional, of course

Karen more than 1 year ago

Invoice Customization

I would love to have the ability to customize our invoices using QuickBooks Online. We would like to have the ability to add a standard message to our invoices, and also add our company colors to the invoice.

May more than 2 years ago

Budget Building

I would like to be able to build a budget based on any 52 weeks, not just the fiscal year or current year.

Manny more than 2 years ago

Better graphing options

I would like to use and build line graphs.
I would like to be able to modify current graphs.
I would like to able to add trend lines.

Manny more than 2 years ago

bill pay for QBO

When one client originally signed up for QBO, a bill pay feature was noted as a perk of the most expensive QBO product. However, after purchasing, we find that bill pay is not a function that any of the QBO products offer. Not sure why it is list as a feature if it does not exist. I have, however, since see that this has been removed from the feature list. It would be great if QBO would allow a bill pay as they do with Quicken and QB Desk top.

Kelly more than 2 years ago

Date and amount driven discounts

I have asked for this almost every year for several years, sigh, so here it is again: Please allow for discounts on vendor invoices to be put in as a flat rate and for a specific date....not x days in advance with a % amount. In our business, if we pay ontime, we get to deduct freight, however, the freight is not a % of the invoice, it is a flat rate and it changes from invoice to invoice.

Kelly more than 2 years ago

Reclassify Items and Customers

I love the reclassify feature but I would love it EVEN MORE if I had the capability to also reclass items and customers. Pretty please??

M E Taylor more than 2 years ago

Price change

I would like to see that we can restrict users from changing item prices when creating invoices, estimate etc. To change item prices this should be done by only users whom management authorize's.

Navnith Kumar more than 2 years ago


I'd like to see Department/Location tracking like QBO has, but the ability to assign department per line item, and not only per transaction.

BAB more than 2 years ago

Enhanced Payroll for Accountants & Other Payroll Items

1. I would love to be able to export transactions for my client to import into their QuickBooks company file the same way I am able to in Intuit Online Payroll for Accountants.

2. For timesheets not to delete lines without any time for a particular week. I spend an enormous amount of time inputting data for payroll item codes that are not used every week.

3. When getting a Print Paychecks warning about limited voucher space, it would be nice to know which employee or employee's this will effect instead of "on one (or more) of the checks"

Carolyn Hallisey more than 2 years ago

Size Matrix

If you can add size matrix and add even $100 to price it will be worth it....
Add please show total at Quantity too feels crazy without total number of items on invoice, pick list Packing list etc

Vikram more than 2 years ago

Financial Reporting & forecasts

Please, please provide better financial reporting by allowing user to create financials and assign g/l accounts to each financial statement caption (to create a consolidation). We have to do this manually in Excel by exporting trial balance into Excel template which is mapped to consolidation. Very time consuming!!!!! See FrX as an example product.

Would love to be able to create multiple forecasts for a calendar year. We update ours monthly and it's a challenge to have only current version as we lose ability to compare current forecast to prior versions which makes flux analysis harder.

Angela more than 2 years ago

Sales Rep

Please add ability to assign multiple sales reps to a client!

Angela more than 2 years ago

Consistent number of fields

I'd like to see the journal entry form have fields that would mimic the same "name" and "source name" capability in the other forms - a customer:job field PLUS a "vendor" type field. It's frustrating not to have the same capability to code things as we can on a check.

Penelope Boehm more than 2 years ago

job costing specially in construction, all kinds of constrution

How come, we pay good money for the software that offers accounting in construction, and does not include a detailed software specially job costing and specialized journals to be able to integrate completely construction accounting modules specially job costing (four of five levels) journals? I have been usig a=qb for years.
Another topic , how come, i buy the program, and still have to pay in order to get materials and education book to study to become a pro-advisor?

GUSTAVO A CASTRO more than 2 years ago

Why buy the program if you are going to be a ProAdvisor

For the Desktop products.....If you enroll in the ProAdvisor program the training is free, the certification test(s) are free, and even the software is free. And the total value of the free software is worth more than the ProAdvisor Program cost. You shouldn't buy the Program and then decide to enroll in ProAdvisor, you should simply enroll in ProAdvisor.

If you are talking about QuickBooks Online, then you can become a QBO Cloud ProAdvisor free, and still get the training for QBO free, and also a free subscription to both QBO and QBO-Accountant.

As far as job-costing, it all is in how you set-it up, and how good a job you do at recording all expenses and revenues against the Customer-Job. Make certain you are using 2-sided items for all job costing and follow the instructions taught in the QuickBooks ProAdvisor training on both Work-in-progress and Job-costing allocation of expense in order to maximize the value of job-cost reports.

Murph more than 2 years ago

Wish for 2005 quickbook

I am very eager to see 2015 ( quickbooks edition ) working the new features being including closing year by date , like in ethiopia , the physical year is July 7, 20xx, plus in the assembling , it is better to have cost including with the list

endae more than 2 years ago

Quickbooks 2015

When customizing columns in the Vendor information - transactions tab, it would be nice to see at a glance if a document is attached, without having to go into the bill. Same with Customer information - transactions tab - Title of the column would be "attachments" then just a checkmark if there is an attachment.

Tracy more than 2 years ago

Pending Builds

When creating a Pending Build, it would be incredibly valuable to have the option to choose which subassemblies one would like to make pending as well.

Lori Hammond more than 2 years ago

QuickBooks 2015

Total the number of hours or the Qty of items on a Purchase Order, Sales Order, Invoice, etc.
Make all boxes (such as Select a PO) expandable
Create a QBO file from Enterprise
QBO should have job costing and, since they have Estimates, an Estimate vs. Actual report.

Christine Galli more than 2 years ago

New Year Budget

I don't want my clients setting up a new budget each year that requires entering all new amounts
when only a few accounts may have budget changes. Two years ago a systems tech showed me how to use excel to copy a current year budget with amounts for a new year budget.
That step saved my client a lot of time because they had twenty five rental locations on "Class".

The problem I now face is that when I use excel I have three years of budgets that show up so we have to be very careful to only pick the accounts related to the most recent year.

In budget setup add a step that says "Do you want to copy last year's budget with amounts"?
Now all my client would need to do is go to the new budget, print an annual budget by month for each
rental property and mark the accounts needing budget changes.

Bob Lopez more than 2 years ago

Last modified by

Allow to filter reports by "Last modified by" (user)

Char more than 2 years ago


I would like to see a report that will give me Work in Process from employee timesheets for each customer that also has the employee rate and an amount. For example, customer A has two hours performed by X employee at $50/hour, showing a total of $100 that can be billed. Please and thank you!

Kristi Minto more than 2 years ago

Statement Writer

Update the Statement Writer to be compatible with Excel 2013

Bev Latvala more than 2 years ago


Please, please, please, please bring back the alphabetic sorting of the Customer:Job column on timesheets! Would appreciate the fix being made in QuickBooks 2014 since that's where the problem was created with one of the updates. My clients as well as myself are most unhappy with this bug.

Bev Latvala more than 2 years ago

Payroll Item for Simple IRA needs changed

The Simple IRA deduction is supposed to be figured on social security wages, not gross wages.The employee and employer deduction should be based on gross wages less any pretax items not taxed for social security tax.

Donna Bizub more than 2 years ago

QB Payroll Item Needed

FRS (Florida Retirement System) does not have a payroll item that works correctly. You can get it to show up in box 14 correctly but it should not be included in box 1 of the W-2. You have to manually change this on the W-2 and on Form 941.

Donna Bizub more than 2 years ago

Qbes bom

Need to see complete listing of materials, including sub boms

James Cliame more than 2 years ago

To Do list

Have the To Do list be user sensitive, so each user is looking only at their tasks. The Admin and External Accountant users should have access to all To Dos with the ability to create them for individual users.

Bill Winkler more than 2 years ago

Enter Batch Transactions

Allow for splits to be copy/pasted from excel. The feature works great for single line transactions but not for those with multiple lines. I couldn't get the current split to work without manually typing in the data. Defeats the purpose of the feature.

Also, second the QB Mac backup and Items on Deposits suggestions. So tired of doing workarounds for clients on both these issues.

Laura Lincoln more than 2 years ago

Report Management

It would be helpful to be able to save Accountant's reports. Since we often work on these Accountant's copies monthly it gets a little bit old having to recreate the same reports every month. We often re-title the bs and pandl as well as adding footnotes and other customizations. It takes time to go through all of it to make sure you did it the same as you did last time.

Rebecca more than 2 years ago

QBE Condense File Work Reliably

My wish would be for some improvements in the Condense File functionality. It takes a long time to run, doesn't always run, and, when run, doesn't always really 'condense' the file. Maybe the function is misnamed and it is really a 'sort of' cleanup. A real, working condense function would be wonderful.

Frank Hannaford more than 2 years ago

QB 2015

Will it fix the now many messed up QB 2014 files?

Chrity Bertani more than 2 years ago

Accountant's Copy

I would like to be able to correct Payroll information in my clients file without having to change it to a working copy. I have who try to set up payroll items and set them up wrong and other payroll issues.

Donna Rivera more than 2 years ago

Sort feature

Allow all forms to be sorted based on memo field.

J Kevin Smith more than 2 years ago

Accountant's Copy

It would nice there were fewer restrictions in my client's accountant's copy.

Deborah Heritage more than 2 years ago

Sample companies

I wish all the sample companies were set up with data for using classes and payroll. I use the sample companies a lot for demos and find I have to go in and create transactions so that when I demo a function or reporting there is information to work with!!

Monica Barron more than 2 years ago

Intergration with Pro Series Tax Software

We use under tools QuickBooks billing/customer update in Pro Series to create invoices. The problem is you can only run this in Administrator mode, and that means only one person can be in QB at one time. That requires you to login as administrator create the invoice, print it and then log out each time. This is a waste of time. There are only two people in our office and it is a pain in the neck to have to log in and out all of the time. I a customer comes in to pay for the Return you have to log in again. Both Pro Series and QuickBooks are Intuit products you would think they would want their products to work together like some of the aftermarket products.

Don Schenk more than 2 years ago

QBO and Consolidated Billing

I recently had a situation where my client wanted to upgrade their existing QBO Simple Start to QBO Plus. I told them about the consolidated billing where they could save 50% off the lifetime of their subscription; they liked that idea. The problem came when this transition happened not only was I an accountant user (which is just fine) but I was also the Master Administrator and thus taking up one valuable user spot that should be going to my client's organization. After talking to QBOA support they told me that it had to stay this way since the billing is going to me directly (instead of billing the customer). Can't this be fixed so that I could be billed directly but only keep me as an accountant user? It was a major hassle with me and my client and I'm not comfortable doing this at all. PLEASE fix this!

Carol more than 2 years ago

Group Items

I would like to see better control over the printing behavior of Group items on QuickBooks forms. At this point, when you set a group item to not print the details of the items contained in the group, it affects all forms. This causes a problem for clients in situations where they print out sales orders to give to their employees to use as a pick list for the items needed for a given job because the details will not show up when it is printed. On the other hand, if you set the group item to print details so that the sales orders print correctly, then all that detail shows up on the customer's invoice when the client doesn't want it to. The solution would be to have a separate "toggle" feature for the estimate, sales order, and invoice forms so that clients could control the detail printing behavior on a form by form basis.

Sheldon more than 2 years ago

Inventory Reporting

I would like to see more robust inventory reporting and management tools in QB, particularly in QB Enterprise. If Enterprise is designed to compete in the mid-market software space, then it needs to have the reporting capabilities of other mid-market products as well. Some examples of the types of reports I'm looking for are Inventory Turnover by Item, Inventory Dead Stock (slow-moving items), and Inventory Assembly Item List Showing Related Components.

Sheldon more than 2 years ago

QBO Whosale deal by QBOA and QBO Payroll

I would like to see what Major of Intuit say about allowing QBO (Essential or Plus) 50% off monthly wholesale billing deal on QBOA platform pair with QBO (non IOP4A) payroll subscription on non wholesale monthly subscription. That will help relatively small payroll providers for not carrying the overhead fixed cost of IOP4A that possibly do not allow their business to get at the breakeven point and considering flexibility on payroll provider installation and termination by adding or remove QBOA user access to do the payroll instead of using IOP4A platform.

Irma Miller - NAN Group Lexington, KY more than 2 years ago

THANKS for YOUR Quick Responses ! ! !

I can hardly believe how Quickly you jumped on this blog to give your comments, keep them comming.

Murph more than 2 years ago

DON'T STOP NOW, Keep Your Comments Flowing...

We here at IA want to thank everyone who has already contributed ideas and problems, as well as suggestions.

Keep up the good work, the more you contribute, the more data we can send to Intuit's team leaders and developers. more than 2 years ago

QB for Mac Backups

QB Mac Backups default to only one location, even when I have multiple clients, Please let each file remember it's own backup location.

Cat Taylor more than 2 years ago

QB 2015

How about widening those narrow scroll bars? They are very awkward to use.

Sandra Zaniboni more than 2 years ago

Time sheets

Program the timesheet page so that users can display the data not only by date, but by customer job and service item alphanumerically. Some of my clients need this feature and could do it prior to 2014.

Teresa mueller more than 2 years ago

Quickbooks Desktop and Online

can we make QBO activity feed and QB Desktop emails and client/accountant conversation show in smartwatches also?

Muhammad Suhaib more than 2 years ago

Refund/Credit for Sales Receipts

A few versions ago Intuit created an option for invoices that you could just click a link to automatically create a credit memo for that invoice using the same items and prices on that invoice. I sure wish they would add this same feature for sales receipts. It would save me SO much time.

Janice Reid more than 2 years ago

Posting Registers

It would be nice to have a posting register for accounts payable transactions. The proper way to enter transactions is to run a tape, post your transactions and compare to the posting report. There is no easy way to run a report like this in Quickbooks

Lynn Starliper more than 2 years ago

Receiving Payments

Please let us sort invoices by number in the "Receive Payments" screen. Most invoices are shown in invoice number order, and it is difficult to skip around when they are not in order in QuickBooks

Donna Edney more than 2 years ago

2015 QB Upgrades

I am hoping that the Statement Writer will interact with Excel / Word 2013. As more of us use the subscription-based MS Office, we need this issue to be dealt with.

Tom Dopler, CMA,MBA more than 2 years ago

Sales Receipt

Is it my imagination or did they change a sales receipt to say Invoice? If I select to create a sales receipt the form that opens says Invoice. Very confusing. Can this be corrected.

Dharma Diaz-Azcuy more than 2 years ago

QuickBooks 2015

I would like to see a return of quality control. Why be ao quick to put out an updated product that is not yet ready for general use? Quicker isn't better. Try not to be so agressive.

Susan Humphreys more than 2 years ago

Multible Monitors

I would to be able to use multible monitors on all parts, files etc of quickbooks. Sage simply accounting had been doing this for awhile now. This is so much better than multible pages.

Robert Hicks more than 2 years ago


Starting with QB 2014 clients are now able to post negative deposits. We never seem to be able to find a negative deposit on a bank statement. These returned items should be posted as debits.

Cyndy Kimberling more than 2 years ago

2014 Blues

Many issue with 2014 have been frustrating. One client has intermittent problems seeing the "save and next" or "save and close" buttons on the "Write Checks" screen. Sometimes it's there, sometimes not. I have confirmed this myself.

Another client I was working on a 2014 Accountants Copy, which would crash almost every time I tried to post a journal entry. Of course, after finally getting done and sending it back to the client, he was only able to load 50% of the entries.

Help! Hope 2015 is back on track--couldn't be more frustrating. Hours wasted.

Judy Finch, ProAdvisor more than 2 years ago

Payroll liabilities

I wish you would put the payroll liabilities back on the main tab instead of a separate one; it's too easy for our clients to forget to pay them when they are not front and center.

Tammie Milligan more than 2 years ago

QB 2015

Bug free program on version 1. Should not have to wait for version 7 to fix the program to the state it should be released at.

Doug Sprowls more than 2 years ago

Accountant's Copy

I wish the question "Do you want to memorize this reort?" would be removed from the Accountant's Copy when it won't let you memorize it anyway. It is just an extra step to click "no" to.

Brenda Barger more than 2 years ago

New vendors

I wish there was a way to enter a check to a new vendor whom you will never use again without adding them to your vendor list, leaving your vendor list clean showing the ones you regularly do business with,.

Brenda Barger more than 2 years ago


A hide feature would be GREAT here. Sometimes you NEVER use the vendor again or you use them once every couple years. The ability to just "Hide" them from the vendor list would be great!!!

Nathan more than 2 years ago

Isn't that what "Inactive" does?

Doesn't the 'Make Inactive' serve the same purpose, it hides them from the active list (and drop down list), even though they can still be used if they are typed in exactly in a field.

Murph more than 2 years ago

Items tab

Items tab on journal entries and deposits.

Ruth Perryman more than 2 years ago

Bill Credits

Under Pay Bills, have the Bill Credits display/selected/paid the same as a Bill. Display/select/pay as a separate line item. STOP having them "net" against a transaction they have nothing to do with and from "disappearing" when applied against a Bill with the same amount.

Michele Riffe more than 2 years ago

Michigan Unemployment Tax

In Michigan, there is a new unemployment tax called the "Obligation Assessment." The state rounds up the first figure - its UIA tax but does not round the Obligation Assessment. It would be very helpful if Quickbooks would round the UIA figure as well so the numbers would match.

Candace Grigsby more than 2 years ago

QuickBooks wishlist 2015/2016

Hi Murph... I am very glad you brought up this subject, I believe that Intuit does take a lot of pride on "listening to customers" and most QuickBooks fans such as me wait anxiously every year for new features crossing out fingers that the one little thing I always wanted, somehow makes it to the cut. That being said, I actually dedicated 2 blog postings on my own site to this type of advocacy for the past 2 years, links bellow.

Some of the features i would "die" for are:
-More Keyboard Shortcuts to speed up our work, for example SHIFT+ENTER when creating a new payee in the register would do a QuickAdd-Vendor.. saving me two ENTER keystrokes; sounds silly, but if I had that in the past 3 years i would probably have saved over 100 hours of work.
-Customizable Check Register, I would like to choose which columns to see in the check register, being able to add Class, Customer:Job, or even Item would be nice, in addition being able to remove the REF and CLR colums would also speed up some work.
-Copy/Paste in ALL areas of QuickBooks that recognizes all columns and rows spreadsheet-style inside ALL QuickBooks forms.

Here are my two articles, combined has over 100 feature requests... I can also add to the list anything people add to this blog or email me directly.

Hector Garcia more than 2 years ago

Notes Receivable

I wish that QuickBooks had a better way of tracking and billing notes receivable. That would be a nice built in feature since I have had several new real estate development clients that sell lots with attached notes that they are financing, and we are having to use a third-party app to do all of the accounting functions that are needed related to these notes.

Ginny Pryor more than 2 years ago

Quickbooks payroll

I would love to be able to make corrections to payroll within the accountant's copy. When I'm doing a review of client's QBs for tax preparation either payroll or income tax, invariably there is something that I need to do within the payroll window that is not allowed so I have to send them the changes I have made, make the changes with them or remotely, then have them send me another accountant's copy. I've never been sure why that is not available in the accountant's copy.

Lynn Miller more than 2 years ago

Payroll Reimbursements

PLEASE, PLEASE give us a field for Classes when reimbursing an employee for out of pocket expenses or mileage, etc when using payroll items through QB payroll. This would be extremely helpful when Job Costing.

Carla Demerse more than 2 years ago

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