Advanced Inventory and Pricing data issues plague QuickBooks Users



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Price Rules QB Enterprise 14

Since we activated Advanced Pricing we have had backup errors almost every night requiring a rebuild. Now I suspect it happens whenever entries are made in Price Rules. In at least one Price Rule, newly added customers disappear after the rebuild. The original group entered when we created the rule seem to stay, only new entries disappear.

Bill Johnson more than 2 years ago

Error Message: qtyOnPO does not match (item XXX,site 0)

I have been having this problem for months now. I even sent our file to Quickbooks and had it rebuilt by their techs. The file had a good verify for only 24 hours and went back to being corrupt with the above error message(s) and a broken balance statement. (Only the rebuild utility will fix it.) In researching this, It looks to have been going on for many releases. I am considering having QuickBooks remove the Advanced inventory to see if that will fix it. It is very frustrating. If you find out anything please keep me posted and I'll do the same. Thank you, Debby

Debby Moore more than 2 years ago

Intuit's computation method for transactions

This is NOT just associated with the Advanced Inventory feature, it exists in QuickBooks as a whole, and has to do with how quantities are recorded with transactions at the time the transaction is recorded.

If anything changes the item quantities retroactively it will impact the quantities that were recorded with the transaction(s) at the time the transactions were recorded.

For example, if a Sales Order showed only 6 'on hand', and then someone entered a retroactively dated item receipt for 12 more, then the 'on hand' amount recorded as part of the SO is 'wrong'. (Moral of the story, don't permit your users to retroactively make inventory changes....).

When rebuild is run the re-computation of the balances may correct the situation, but in some cases the transactions must be re-opened and forced to re-compute.

Murph more than 2 years ago

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