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LightSpeed POS for your Retailers that Love their QuickBooks for Mac

If you have a retailer who wants a POS solution to work with their QuickBooks for Mac, then LightSpeed is just what you have been looking for. more »

Vendor Corner (3 Comments)

QuickBooks Online Advanced Certification Prep Course Available at QuickBooks Connect

QuickBooks Online Advanced Certification prep course is being offered at Intuit's QuickBooks Connect event October 21-23. more »

Aug 13, 2014 From The Publisher (10 Comments)

Kevin Kirn, Director of Product Management, QuickBooks Online

Kevin Kirn shares some insight into QuickBooks Online, the QuickBooks App for Mac and working in product development for Intuit. more »

Aug 19, 2014 People and Business

QStock Announces Integration With 2CP

This integration between 2CP and QStock allows a business to deliver an order just moments after being placed on an ecommerce website. more »

Aug 19, 2014 Vendor Corner

FreshBooks Launches New Accountant Center

The FreshBooks Accountant Center is designed to bridge the gap between accountants and their clients by providing a central hub for accountants to access client data and offer strategic guidance. more »

Aug 19, 2014 Vendor Corner

Remote file sharing for QBPOS with Qbox

In this 2nd article on Qbox, Will English, noted QBPOS Guru, explains how Qbox can be used to sync remote location QBPOS data to QuickBooks. more »

, Vendor Corner (1 Comments)

ABOUT YOU: Laura Redmond, Intuitive Accountant's QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor Award Winner For 2014

Laura Redmond has moved to an exclusive 'practice in the cloud'; we commend her for making the change more »

People and Business

QuickBooks Accounting Virtual Conference Site Live

Intuit has released the details for the QuickBooks Accounting Virtual Conference scheduled for September 22 & 23. more »

Aug 11, 2014 Training Center/Scaling New Heights

Qbox by CoralTree

Sync QuickBooks Desktop files with Qbox

Qbox appears to overcome adverse issues of using a 'file sharing service' for QuickBooks (desktop) Company-files. more »

Aug 9, 2014 Vendor Corner (2 Comments)

QuickBooks Connect - Your Way To San Jose

Intuitive Accountant is writing a series of articles featuring Intuit's QuickBooks Connect event featuring the speakers, sessions and general happenings at what is billed to be the largest event in the company's history. more »

Aug 14, 2014 Training Center/Scaling New Heights (2 Comments)

WHAT IF: I need to know who is using a specific Company file?

In this episode of WHAT IF, we learn how to figure out who is using 'which' QuickBooks Company file. more »

Aug 8, 2014 General Ledger

THE DATA DETECTIVE: The Case of the Wrong Customer

Here is the clue: "Not everything called a Customer in QuickBooks is really a QuickBooks Customer." Learn why in this episode of 'The Data Detective.' more »

Aug 5, 2014 General Ledger (1 Comments)

Numbers that Matter with Finagraph

Having served as technical editor on a 400-page textbook covering Business Analysis using QuickBooks, I can tell you that Finagraph allows you to “replace hours of work with 1-click.” in order to "obtain financial intelligence on demand." more »

Aug 4, 2014 Vendor Corner (2 Comments)


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